Ultimately, the best interior design is all about the client. Reflecting your personality in a comfortable living space is paramount. But a beautiful, personalized space doesn't just appear- it must be allowed to evolve. This is where an interior designer can be a huge benefit. Contributing far more than just tasteful recommendations, a good designer sees the product of this evolutionary process even before it occurs. This vision is key in delivering a design you'll love, while avoiding costly mistakes. An interior designer is your partner in exquisitely- and efficiently- expressing who you are.

Kathy Monarch recognizes this partnership. The first step in any of Kathy's projects is a simple one: she listens. She pays close attention not only to the needs and tastes of her client, but also to the intricacies of the space itself. Then her talent for interior design takes over, combining practical knowledge with a unique artistic sensibility. In ways that may seem unexpected, she creates a space that is not only a genuine statement of quality, but one that is unequivocally livable for her clientele - a true extension of themselves.

Kathy's interiors are characterized by an obsession for detail and the use of fine (but not necessarily expensive) materials.

Kathy is comfortable working in a wide range of styles, aiming for a careful and complementary mix of elements from past and present. She encourages her clients to surround themselves with colors, fabrics, textures and materials that make them feel good. She emphasizes texture over pattern for an authentic, unpretentious look. The result for her clients is a space with timeless feel, and one that exudes a true feeling of their own "personal space".